Castle of the Undercommons & MC QUESTS Episode #1 – Mini Lesson Preview

Yo! So it’s been a bit since my last post. It has been a pretty intense couple of weeks. In any case I will share with folks here a draft of a lesson plan I just finished for use in Minecraft. I plan to work on it a bit more and polish it up before I consider it finalized enough, but for now I consider it finalized enough to share here and solicit feedback Let me know what you think!

Oh and also, I built my first dome in Minecraft! I have included below all of my twitch broadcasts between my last post and this one, starting with the most recent at the top. I have started experimenting with an interesting practice of having a Google Chrome plugin read my course readings, sometimes for this class and sometimes for my political science class or, you will notice, the Undercommons book as well which is not an assignment from any class but something which I highly recommend reading. Sometimes I am actively listening to the robot voice, sometimes I am listening to something else on a separate device and only broadcasting to the channel. It is an interesting scholarly and meditative experience that I am not exactly sure how I feel about yet beyond intrigued. Together the following videos, several several hours (how many is that?) in total, make up the beginnings of the epic of the first major expansions and renovations to the Castle of the Undercommons. Okay, here they are:


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