HALLOWEEN CONTEST #WynBig – Grand Opening of the Nether Portal

[UPDATE 2017-10-31 6:48AM: We go LIVE tonight Tuesday October 31st, 2017 at 7pm Hawaiian time. 7-8pm cast for the grand opening of the portal and another return at 11:45PM to 12:45AM (Nov 1st)

Facebook event here, invite anyone you think might be interested please, the more the merrier!

For the Official announcement video, CLICK HERE

& the whole series so far:

To join live chat on our Discord channel while streaming, CLICK HERE]

Peace all,

I have good news and bad news that I have converted to good news. Tomorrow, Tuesday October 31st we celebrate the grand opening of the first Nether Portal in our Minecraft realm. The initial opening will be from 7-8pm HST and there will be an additional delving from 11:45pm – 12:45am. Please RSVP here.

This is no light work. Surviving the Nether Realm will take serious team work and a good deal of arms and armor. I have built a road from spawn all the way to the Castle of the Undercommons where you can all take what you need and leave what you do not, in terms of arms, armor and components.

Screenshot (530)
Free for the taking, long live the commons! Let’s avoid tragedy here though and practice sharing and not hoarding. Please only take what you need so everyone can be sufficiently armed.

I encourage everyone to continue building up the infrastructure of the Castle of the Undercommons that I have begun by adding whatever additions to the structure and links and pathways to other places and especially by similarly stocking the commons chests with components and equipment. This community practice will keep everyone equipped well enough to possibly survive our venture(s) to the Nether Realm.

As for the prize and contest…I had a large amount of obsidian left after building the Nether Portal and that obsidian has since gone missing. However, we need at least 14 units of obsidian in order to create a second Nether Portal from within the Nether Realm which will allow us access to an infinite amount of obsidian. Whoever brings me 14 units of Obsidian before 6pm HST tomorrow (Tuesday) will earn a highly enchanted diamond pickaxe and also a very magical diamond sword (images and properties below) which were specially crafted for this occassion and blessed for the winner(s). If you cooperate with someone else in bringing the obsidian then you can each choose, pickaxe or sword. For a secret prize and improved tactical communications in our journey, join the Discord channel for live voice chat as we play/

Screenshot (532)
This prize(d) Diamond Pickaxe is enchanted with an Unbreaking spell, making it especially useful for extended mining sessions where all manner of shineys are to be encountered!
Screenshot (531)
This prize(d) Diamond Sword is the jewel of the Castle, wielding a Bane of Anthropods AND Unbreaking enchantment means you will never have to worry about those pesky spiders again!
Screenshot (533)
The Portal
Screenshot (534)
Still the Portal…
where obsidian happens 2017-10-29
It all started when I came across this phenomenon deep in the bowls of our realm…
obsidian mining after a difficult manuevering 2017-10-29
After a lot of wasted attempts trying to divert the lava flow from the obsidian by creating runoff chambers I finally had success in isolating the obsidian for mining with my diamond pickaxe (necessary) by laying cobblestone underneath.
Screenshot (515)
Last night I harvested the grain from my sky garden to bake bread for everyone in class…
Screenshot (516)
And on the looong way down…
Screenshot (535)
…I began chasing the sparkling flowery tail of something persistently evading my sight as I went around the corners. I was convinced a fairy of some sort must be visiting me. Before being cropped this screenshot showed that it was taken at 11:11PM … auspicious.
Screenshot (512)
Well it turned out to be this giant creepy thing that wanted to do me harm. As I fought the mysterious being I was blown up by a creeper from behind.
Screenshot (513)
Travelling from by bed after dying I notice this foul creature. The Enderman some call …him (?)
Screenshot (514)
This is the hole in the wall from that pesky creeper.
Screenshot (522)
Some experiments go awry as I build the first major road in our realm leading from spawn to the Castle of the Undercommons. Who would have thought that flowing lava burns wooden planks?
Screenshot (521)
And now there’s that creature again… what is the nature of this magnificent being?
Screenshot (523)
Well I escaped the Enderman this time, but the next night as I labored on the road I was attacked by a squadron of skeleton archers and fell from the high bridge I was working on. My equipment once again scattered about, this time in the tree tops.
Screenshot (525)
As I finish some remodeling in preparation for the first guests to the Castle of the Undercommons, I have an unexpected visitor…
Screenshot (527)
Hello? Oh my these are some very aggressive trick or treaters…
Screenshot (524)
Who is it this time!? They just don’t know when to give it a rest!
Screenshot (518)
Aww that’s better. Finally, an invited guest!
Screenshot (519)
It’s best to treat your guests good.
Screenshot (520)
We go out to look at the moon and climb the tower…my first time here since the incident.
Screenshot (528)
I found this companion of the realms struggling with an army of undead without even a sword to defend with. I changed that real quick and show the way to the castle, including the commons chests for provisions for the journey along the way (food, torches, and more). Lookin pretty fly in that golden armor huh?
Screenshot (529)
We made it to the peak of the mauna!

Please don’t forget to RSVP for one or both sessions so we can tackle the Nether Realm as a team, the only way to go!


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