Session 10 – Minecraft Edu

A brief introduction to Minecraft Edu… in screenshots…

Screenshot (405)
We all spawn into Minecraft Edu together for the first time

Screenshot (406)

Screenshot (407)
Ivan puts us all in a pen…
Screenshot (408)
I escape the pen by throwing a block of dirt on the ground and jumping over the fence…
Screenshot (409)
I learn to craft glass on my cobblestone furnace
Screenshot (410)
I craft my first Iron Sword
Screenshot (411)
I build a house from Cobblestone Slabs, Birch Wood Planks, and Oak Wood Planks, in the back left I have set up my furnace and closer to the door I have my crafting table, whereas on the back right is my home block that will make sure I spawn and return here, to my mountain home…
Screenshot (412)
The booty from my mining endeavors… don’t tell anyone but I accidentally flooded the mines, good thing I was panicking too much to take screenshots…now that would be incriminating…
Screenshot (414)
Mission checklist…
Screenshot (415)
Screenshot (416)
Now for the escape tunnel…



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