Session 08

Tonight was chill. I had the chance to hang out in the Pygmilion Glass Garden, drink some brandy, and listen to music in Second Life and later to fly high in the sky in the sunset over UHM COE Island in Second Life, take a selfie, and post it to a board and add sound to it. What more could one ask for?

2017-10-11 COE Sandbar UHM 012017-10-11 COE Sandbar UHM 022017-10-11 COE Sandbar UHM 032017-10-11 COE Sandbar UHM 042017-10-11 Pygmalion Glass Garden 012017-10-11 Pygmalion Glass Garden 022017-10-11 Pygmalion Glass Garden 032017-10-11 Pygmalion Glass Garden 042017-10-11 Pygmalion Glass Garden 052017-10-11 Pygmalion Glass Garden 062017-10-11 Pygmalion Glass Garden 072017-10-11 Pygmalion Glass Garden 08Screenshot (324)Screenshot (325)Screenshot (326)Screenshot (328)Screenshot (329)Screenshot (330)Screenshot (331)Screenshot (332)Screenshot (333)Screenshot (334)Screenshot (335)Screenshot (336)Screenshot (337)Screenshot (338)Screenshot (339)2017-10-11 Back at UHM Wist Hall 012017-10-11 Back at UHM Wist Hall 02Screenshot (340)Screenshot (341)Screenshot (342)


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