Response to Week 6 Readings & Session

Before and after class I was focusing on finishing my “annotated bibliography of virtual world teaching resources.” You can see the document I submitted here, and also some notes and a larger variety of sources I came across in my research here –this latter PDF includes extensive excerpts from three chapters of Bowers’s Let Them Eat Data, which I mentioned in my week 5 post, and also many excerpts from an article titled “Skawennati’s-Timetraveller ™ : Deconstructing the colonial matrix in virtual reality” (Pullen, 2016). I referred to Timetraveller ™ in a previous post and I am a big fan, so I was glad to come across this article in my research for this assignment.

The focus of our readings and class session was to build skills for our final project and to brainstorm ideas for it, which will be creating a virtual world instructional unit. See session 6 outline here. This session Dr. Peter was away at a conference in Singapore and so the session was led by one of our wonderful TA’s. In the actual session the skills we practiced were to create website viewers, slideshows, and finally any object we wanted utilizing whatever we chose of the skills we have developed so far. I have left my screenshots of the session below. Perhaps I will come back later to add captions.
Screenshot (223)Screenshot (224)Screenshot (225)Screenshot (226)Screenshot (227)Screenshot (228)Screenshot (229)Screenshot (230)Screenshot (231)Screenshot (232)Screenshot (233)Screenshot (234)Screenshot (235)Screenshot (236)Screenshot (237)Screenshot (238)Screenshot (239)Screenshot (240)Screenshot (241)Screenshot (242)Screenshot (243)



Original image that can be seen in a screenshot of my slideshow above of a giant version Queen Liliuokalani’s January 17th, 1893 proclamation of protest against the U.S. overthrow of the Hawaiian Islands. I original found this in a google images search and it traces back to an article by Wada Haruki (2008) on “Maritime Asia and the Future of a Northeast Asia Community” available here



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